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Recycled rubber mats

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For almost 20 years, DeltaGomma has put all of this energy into developing a product that exceeds the expectations of its customers. We have established certified quality standards for a market that did not ask for any.

A pioneer in the de-vulcanization of rubber, DeltaGomma was intended to open up to the general public to allow them to benefit from our know-how in elastomer matters.


Utility Mat 48" x 34"

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Black rubber mat with or without printing

Made in canada : the multifunctional mat you need. Originally designed for the automotive industry, the GommaPrene rubber mat (4mm) is a perfect fit for the garage, warehouse, under your boat, at the marina, around the pool, spa, backyard , for your home gym, useful in your greenhouse, as a pet food tray, on the stairs, indoors or outdoors. Our mat will protect your hardwood or cement from wet weather conditions.

Designed to last : Our waterproof mats are designed to last and stand the test of time, for indoor or outdoor installations.

Cleaning : as easy as 1,2,3, just sweep the carpet and wash it with your favorite soap.

Low odor : Our 100% recycled and 100% recyclable mat, is unvulcanized, so it will also protect your nose and your health while keeping the floor. Recycling is collected locally. Our manufacturing scraps are also 100% recovered. We do not use tires in our products, so they are odorless.

The size may vary slightly depending on temperature.

Please note that we deliver only in Canada for the moment.

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